Archive: Feb 2015

  1. Connecting to Bourke Public School

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    Lois and Joanne connecting to Bourke Public School Staff via the SWAY interface to coordinate SWAY staff training. Can’t wait to meet you all at the end of February!

  2. Connecting to Country

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    The children have drawn a map of Manly and are provided with natural resources from the local area for inspiration and to get them thinking about connecting to country

  3. NSW Branch of Speech Pathology

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    In October 2014 the SWAY team presented at NSW Branch of Speech Pathology Australia’s International Communication Project 2014 (ICP 2014), Nation for Communication Celebration. A fantastic evening of learning and inspiration.

  4. Sense of identity within the family

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    In Eileen’s class the children have been exploring the concept of belonging and their sense of identity within the family. They have been using craypas and water colour wash to represent their thoughts and ideas.